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Sound Demos for AFX

Though this demos are included in the AFX Sound Library package already, you can view them here directly.

Sound Demo

Self explaining - keys see screenshot. Note: "Swap channel" means to make the inactive channel the active one. When pressing a key, an event (NoteOn/NoteOff) will be performed on the active channel always, where the current event of the inactive channel is kept all the time (thus to play notes C and G simultaneously for example, press 1 T 8).

Sweet Sound

This demo was written by 4nic8 in order to test the C version of the library for me. Basically it does the same as Sound Demo does, but with other functional keys.


This tests the libraries MIDI track playing feature. What you hear is a triad (C,E,G), the special thing is that the main program doesn't need to have a look for this. It just starts the libs midiinit routine controled by timer interrupt, while the program can continue it's other tasks (midiinit doesn't block the program).

I want to

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