=== Hacker's Editor V. 1.2 ===

=== Program Description ===


1. Legal Stuff & Contacting the Programmer
2. Editor Screen and FKey menu, Dispay update
3. Navigating through a segment (+ goto)
4. Segment selection (+Port mode)
5. Modifying Bytes
6. How to enter Values
7. Searching values in Segment
8. EMS Functions
9. Examples & Nice side effects

1.1. Legal Stuff & Contacting the Programmer

Hack's Edit is freeware. That means, you may copy and distribute it like you want, but you may not modify any part of it. If you choose to copy or redistribute it, you have to do this with the overall package, not with single components only (cause I would feel like you modified my package then).

Freeware means furthermore, that the package comes without any warranty. Although there are no known problems at the moment, I can guarantee for nothing. If the package or any of it's components causes damages to either your calculator, your PC or your data, I'm not liable for this.

If you encounter any bugs or problems, it would be very kind if you could mail me a report of this in spite of. Also any suggestions are welcome every time. My Email address(es) is(are) *:

The software's website is:

* In order to prevent spamming I chose this address form. When mailing me, you have to replace "at" by @ however.

2. Editor Screen and FKey menu, Display update