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AFX Image 2.01

AFX Image is a PC program that creates images for AFX Add Ins (usable with every common AFX graphics engine + supporting special DynaGFX engine features such as Dynamic Color Emulation, RLE compression, image animation and fonts) as well as CFX pictures and images for MLC programs.

Features of Version 2.01

Format overview

AFX Image/
Pascal/C/Assembler source
Transparent color: Yes Yes No
BW, Grey, 4 color mode: Yes Yes No
DynaGFX color modes: Yes No No
CFX RGB/Grey modes: No No Yes
Buffer layout: Rows/ColumnsRowsColumns
More than 1 tiles: Yes (up to 255) Yes No
Tile size:Any (up to 255x255)8x8 and 16x16128x64
Sprites: Yes No No
Font: Yes No No
Animation: Yes No No
RLE compression: Yes No No

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AFX Image 2.0 is also available at the UCF File Sharing
Copyright (C) 2005 by Marco Kaufmann